How to treat cancer

About 60% of people in the world develop cancer in their lives. Some of the cancer cells can grow and metastasize as long as normal body functions are disrupted. It becomes one of the most frequent causes of human death.

Different types of cancer can vary from mortality. In general, lung and pancreatic cancer are the worst! These two types of cancer will die within one year. However, not all types of cancer are unpredictable. In other cases, the goal is to fight cancer or reduce symptoms. Since cancer treatment can harm healthy cells and tissues, it often causes side effects. Common Ways on How to treat cancer


Surgery is one of the methods of cancer treatment that removes cancer surgically. This is the most common way to treat cancer. Very rarely, the cancer spreads during the operation. Covering the air from cancer, there is no reason to spread the disease.

Radiation therapy

Radiotherapy is a treatment that uses radiation beams to kill cancer cells in an infected area. This can be done from the outside by a machine that is aimed at radiation in the target area. I can also do internally with the help of needles, seeds, wires, etc. The advantage of this method of treatment is painless. Some people fear that external radiation therapy causes the body to become radioactive. In fact, there is no such thing. However, patients receiving internal exposure may need to be quarantined from the hospital and others if the permanent implant does not go to a safe level.


Chemotherapy is a method that uses drugs to kill cancer cells throughout the body. However, healthy cells can also be damaged. Doctors can use a combination of medicines or drugs to fully control the spread of cancer cells. After the end of chemotherapy, the body will begin to produce normal cells.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is a method that treats certain types of cancer that interfere with the development of certain hormones. This may include the use of drugs to prevent the formation of certain hormones. According to cancer research, some hormone therapy must be removed from the hormonal production body to prevent the secretion of hormones. For example, sometimes we need to remove the ovary to treat breast cancer. In some cases, the side effects of hormone therapy may be temporary or permanent.

Biological therapy

Biological therapy is a method that uses the immune system of our body to fight disease or to reduce the side effects of cancer, directly or indirectly. This is the most recommended way to treat cancer.


Cancer treatment can be a combination of only one method or methods. The best option is based on the type and location of cancer. If the disease has spread to other parts of the body, combining methods can be used. Other factors depend on the age of the patients, the general state of health, etc. Patients may worry that the side effects of the treatment will be worse than the disease. Thus, the patient and the doctor will discuss treatment options regarding the benefits of the treatment method and the risks of side effects.

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